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Satellite Archaeology – Scanning Asia

Unknown Markings/Structures/Geoglyphs in a remote part of Asia

google earth 21

google earth 22 google earth 13 google earth 16


Essence de Sinai

Into the heart of Sinai Peninsula – Journey to Legendary Mount Sinai

BLACK AND WHITE SPIDER AWARDS – The International Award Honoring Black and White Photography

Ocean Blues


I just received this by e-mail:

Black and White Spider Awards

The International Award Honoring Black and White Photography

Nominee Press Release



LONDON (6/16/12) – Amateur photographer Radu Popescu from Romania was presented with the 7th Annual Black and White Spider Awards Nomination in the category of Wildlife at a prestigious Nomination & Winners PhotoShow. The live online ceremony webcast Saturday, June 9, 2012 was attended by photography fans in 72 countries who logged on to see the climax of the industry’s most important event for black and white photography.

The awards international Jury included captains of the industry from National geographic, Fratelli Alinari, Heffel Fine Art to the Tate in London who honored Spider Fellow with 180 coveted title awards and 875 nominees in 14 categories.

“It is an incredible achievement to be selected among the best from the 8223 entries we received this year,” said Basil O’Brien, the awards Creative Director.” Radu Popescu’s “Ocean Blues, “ an exceptional image entered in the Wildlife category, represents black and white photography at  its finest, and we’re pleased to present him with the title of Nominee.”

You can view the 7th Annual Winners Gallery at www.thespiderawards.com/gallery/7th

BLACK AND WHITE SPIDER AWARDS is the leading international award honoring excellence in black and white photography. This celebrated event shines a spotlight on the best professional and amateur photographers worldwide and honors the finest images with the highest achievements in black and white photography.

Contact: Radu Popescu

e-mail: radu@discoverterra.com

website: www.viaearth.wordpress.com

Sahara: The Bedouins

Egypt Marvels

Giza – Piramyds and Sphinx, Memphis – Ramses II and Alabaster Sphinx

Around the World: True Colors

Red is more FUN!

Around the world – An infra-study on alien worlds (of sculptures)

Singapore Xeno-beings

Rama sings. Trees listens.

Tranquility Realm


Short dream-trip in Poseidon’s room

    Martians Go Home!

Sargasso Sea 6.000 AD

The Guardians of Temple of Dawn

Hortus Nymphae

An (infra)night at the museum

Naga Tanah (Dragon’s Land)



God’s First Home

  To be continued

Monkey Childhood

The childhood could be harsh in the tropical rain-forest of Bali, where the civilization dig painfully into the green meet of the trees.

Copper Theatre in Transylvania

Gigantic Copper Mine shaped like an antique amphitheater in Transylvania Serene Landscape

Fall Chronicles: Speeding Spectre of the Forest

Launchpad to the heaven

Stellar Series

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Stellar Bridge, Stellar Flowers, Stellar Abies

Marvels in Singapore Night Sky










Hi-Tech Signs On Hi-Tech City Sky

Jazz Session in Central Park

I want to ride my bicycle!

Somewhere in Asia, on a desert beach, a boy ride his bicycle like nothing else matters.

Afternoon takeoff

U.S. Hawaii-Oahu

Eat, Pray, Love

Almost unreal

Greece, Athens


Acropolis, YOU must see it!

Asian Serenity

Indonesia, Bali

International Photography Awards 2011 – I won 4 Honorable Mentions

Oops, I did it again. I just received 4 Honorable Mentions at IPA 2011 (International Photography Awards) – Underwater Section, Environment, Photo Essay and Deeper Perspective sections. See them by following the links:


http://www.photoawards.com/en/Pages/Gallery/zoomwin.php?eid=8-32869-11&count=4&code=Deeper Perspective
http://www.photoawards.com/en/Pages/Gallery/zoomwin.php?eid=8-32869-11&uid&code=Photo Essay and Feature Story

or enjoy them here:

Perfect shapes creatures, floating, flying, searching by dark, by day, in our oceanic Milky Way, engaged in The Long Journey of finding their own soul-mate.

1945, one day in August

A few weeks right just after the end of WW2.

My Umbrella

U.S. Hawaii-Oahu

Orange Sky

New York in B&W

(And some yellow cabs)

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Just a glimpse of New-York feeling.

Dig for more.

Cloud Formation Mechanics

Spain, Barcelona


Let the music play

Indonesia, Bali

Wedding Vertigo


Vancouver in Negative

Green particles of light on camera

Green laser beams particles frozen by the shutter speed.

Time Graffiti

Light Race – Blue vs Red

Who’s gonna win?

Waiting for the humans

A grey sea of chairs, waiting…

Silhouettes in spotlight

Lights, Colorful water, Montserrat Cabalé, Freddy = Barcelona

Fashionable Pink

Giants in Brussel

Watch your step!

Watch your step!

Belgium, Brussel

Flamenco moves II (Red Magic Women)

Hidden, waiting in the shadow


Flamenco Moves (to be continued)

Spain, Barcelona

Spain, Barcelona

Spain, Barcelona

Bright moon, red hot moves, deep concentration and the music flows.

The winter of Big Ben

Somewhere above Europe

It is Lufthansa, Air France or British Airways? Austrian maybe?

How about the plane – is it Airbus or Boeing?

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